Customer transactions LAB/FT validation & payment

The customer needed to automate a 100% manual process in the Retail Payment department. The employee received an email from the branch client with the transaction LAB/FT reference in an attached PDF and the validation or invalidation of the international payment. The transaction reference and the amount were retrieved from the PDF document and typed in the LAB/FT system and in the payment system for the corresponding operation reference number to release the payment.

The UiPath robot automated the process entirely. It read the mail, transferred the mail in the specific folders, opened and read the attached PDF file with an OCR technology that extracted the transaction amount and reference number. The process had an improved audit trail improvement and the SLA constraints were respected. 

  •   0 errors
  • ROI within less than 12 months 
  • 0% exceptions during automation 
  • RPA handles both the transaction and the new control and audit trail
  • Implementation within 3 months