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was established in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2020 as a subsidiary of Ective and EBCG. We are a knowledge sharing platform for all companies using RPA to gain knowledge and get inspired.

We Bring RPA intelligence Together

Our mission is to provide an ultimate web-based RPA meeting point for all experts in the field worldwide. If you are on the beginning of your digital journey, or well advanced, you will find your inspiration and latest trends in RPA under one roof of Robot Federation. We are community based platform where members can meet, brainstorm & share the best practice. RPA Club will be born soon, You will enjoy the full program all over the year, including the Gala Evening with the “RPA Company of the Year”. 

Stay tuned, it will become huge soon.

We also provide free consultancy, RPA audit services  and/or end-to-end RPA process delivery. We also take away your worries and distractions by tackling and solving repetitive tasks management for you, talent recruitment and placement for such positions. As fully furnished and established enterprise nowadays, we offer our services to clients worldwide with guaranteed & certified standards. 

Reach out with any questions you have.

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